Treatments for Fragile X Syndrome

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How is Fragile X Syndrome Treated?

Supportive management combined with medications against commonly associated symptoms appears to be the most effective solution for treating patients with fragile X syndrome.

Fragile X syndrome does not affect life expectancy, but many individuals will require extra support for management of issues involved. Speech and language therapy is often beneficial for children with fragile X syndrome because it can be tailored to the need of the child based on physical and behavioral skills. Since some children with fragile X syndrome will have features of autism, behavioral therapy is also effective in dealing with attention, anxiety and relationship building. Occupational therapy that includes sensory integration therapy is also useful in addressing fine motor skills as well as sensory inputs that affect children with the disorder. Special educational programs have also shown to be beneficial for these children.

In addition to these physical interventions, medications are also an integral component of a treatment plan. FDA approved drugs that are used to treat certain symptoms of fragile X syndrome can be integrated into the treatment plan. These include Ritalin to treat attention deficit disorder, Catapres to treat sensory over-stimulation, Prozac or Zoloft to treat aggressive behavior and Tegretol for seizures. This is not a comprehensive list of medications that can be used by medical professionals and is included just as a guideline.

Regular medical check ups that start at infancy and continue throughout life are also recommended to manage other medical complications that are associated with fragile X syndrome, such as ear infections and heart murmurs.

Early diagnosis can be useful in increasing the quality of life for children with fragile X syndrome.

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